Finding the right work wear for summer!

Your choice of work wear is very important when wanting to be comfortable and cool in the workplace during the summer months. Wearing the right work wear garments will help you perform your best and keep you refreshed and happy throughout the day. Here at Pro Parts we have put together a summer work wear guide to ensure you’re wearing the right work wear to stay cool while doing you’re job!

The right work wear:


Polo ShirtPolo Shirts

Regardless of the sector you work in or what type of job you are carrying out, a polo shirt is a perfect garment to have in your work wear wardrobe that can be worn all year round and particularly throughout the summer months. Lightweight cotton polo’s are ideal for warm weather as they are breathable. Polo’s made from polyester or other wicking materials are more suitable if you have a job that entails a lot of movement and you want sweat to leave the body quickly as they dry quicker. As well as this, the buttoned collar and short sleeves of a polo shirt allow you to stay cool alongside the right fabric.

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T-shirts are a perfect solution when it comes to staying cool. A lightweight t-shirt will keep you cooler for longer in the warm weather and provide the right amount of sun protection. With lightweight garments you have less fabric piled up on your skin which makes it easier for air to circulate. As well as this, t-shirts are a very comfortable and practical item of clothing.

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When working in an office, for a corporate business or a hospitality and catering company it is important to be wearing the right shirt for the warm weather to keep you cool while also looking smart and professional. Short sleeve poplin shirts are ideal. Poplin has a faint dimpled texture that comes from using two different sizes of threads in the weave. Tiny air pockets are made by the dimples making the garment a lot more breathable and faster-drying than a flat weave.

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For a lot of jobs shorts are seen as an unprofessional piece of uniform, however, if you are someone that works in a construction type of industry, shorts are a must have in your work wear wardrobe. Especially in hot weather. Work shorts are a perfect option if you work in hot conditions or for outdoor summer work. They provide ease of movement, good ventilation and can be very practical.

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A Gilet and Body warmer relate to the same thing however there are slight differences in the two. A body warmer is usually puffed and padded with a heavy focus on warmth, whereas a gilet typically has a more streamlined fit and sometimes has fur/faux fur. Different to a fleece or full jacket, gilets and body warmers lack sleeves therefore are more ideal for warmer weather. Your arms won’t overheat and they don’t restrict movement. They are also a very versatile piece of clothing. You can wear pretty much anything underneath them whether it’s a polo shirt, long sleeved shirt or for the summer months, a vest.

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Avoid heat stress in the workplace with high visibility vests. Exposure to extreme heat can result in work-related illnesses and injuries. Heat stress can result in heat exhaustion, heatstroke and heat cramps or rashes. Wearing the right work wear, especially in hot conditions or working outside directly in the sun, is crucial. If you usually wear hi-vis jackets and coats for your job i.e. industrial/construction workers, hi-vis vests are a perfect alternative to keep you cool and safe during the summer months.

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People may think adding more fabric to your head won’t help you in staying cool. However, many caps promote airflow and are moisture wicking so your head won’t feel sweaty. A cap will also provide ideal protection against the sun allowing you to focus on your job while avoiding sun related issues such as dizziness, headaches and sun stroke caused by constant sun exposure.

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