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Custom embroidery is a popular choice for corporate brands and companies when trying to promote their brand or look more professional in their uniform. When wanting to impress customers and stand out from the crowd, a well embroidered company name or logo on work wear garments can always be relied up on.

What is custom embroidery?

Custom embroidery is a popular decorative method where your logo or design is sewn onto a garment using a computerised embroidery machine.Unlike hand embroidery that is very time consuming, machine embroidery is a quick way to embroider a large number of garments and results in the logo or design looking identical each time. Computerised machine embroidery is used primarily for mass production and is perfect for companies that want their staff to have uniform with their company name or logo. You can embroider logos or designs on a wide range of different garments such as hats, polo’s, hoodies, t-shirts, jackets or bags.

Pros & Cons of embroidery


  • Durable and long lasting as thread is used to draw the detail
  • Colour sharpness will maintain through the lifetime of the garment wear
  • Smart and professional
  • Can embroider a number of different colours within a logo with no effect on cost


  • The bigger the logo the higher the cost as pricing is based on the number of stiches within the design
  • Very small detail is not often recognised when embroidered
  • You can’t do colour gradients with embroidery

The process from digital image to embroidered logo

  1. Choose what logo/design you are wanting embroidered and send us a digital image file such as JPG, PNG or PDF. The size of the logo is most often between 90-95mm in width and letters and symbols need to be a minimum of 5mm in order for them to read clearly. This size is for the most common position of left breast. Rear embroidery is a larger size, roughly 220mm.
  2. We will send your logo/design file off to be changed into a DST file that the embroidery machine can understand. (This is a one off payment)
  3. The DST file will then be read into the computerised embroidery machine.
  4. The professional running the embroidery machine will teach the machine how to embroider the specific design.
  5. They will then frame or hoop the fabric you wish to embroider on and slot it into the machine arms.
  6. Finally, they will start the machine stitching and run until the embroidery design is compete and finished.

How does it help your brand?

There are several ­benefits of adding custom embroidery to your company uniforms. Firstly, it makes you stand out from the crowd and grabs the attention of your audience. As well as creating a clear identity and brand. Embroidered garments are basically walking adverts. Instead of wearing basic uniform it really makes a statement having your logo embroidered on it. The more someone sees your logo the more likely they are to remember it.

Embroidered logos look very professional. It tells people you have put time and effort into your appearance and that the company is serious about what you do and what you’re trying to achieve. As well as this, having your company name or logo embroidered on your uniform will help customers identify your employees and make them more comfortable to approach you as you are visibly part of a company.

You want to differ from other business. When you’re promoting your business it is important to be unique. Instead of just having embroidered shirts or polo’s, go that one step ahead and personalise other garments such as jackets or hats with your company name or logo. And for the hospitality and catering sector, personalised aprons look great.


Here are a few examples of our work:

Regency Cleaning Custom Embroidery   Mendum Custom Embroidery   Jane Mcdonald Customer Embroidery   Acute Custom Embroidery

Fosters Custom Embroidery   Drig Dragons Custom Embroidery   YR Custom Embroidery   Prestige Custom Embroidery

Jane Mcdonald Custom Embroidery   Pinders Custom Embroidery   Complete Asbestos Custom Embroidery   YRL Custom Embroidery

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